It's Kickboxing Day

Program Director

You'll receive the opportunity to change lives by promoting Farrell's to potential members.

Not experienced with Farrell’s? It’s not a problem! We’ll offer outstanding program and sales instruction so you can spend time on enrolling possible members into a program! You need to have these abilities:

  • A commitment to carrying out the Farrell’s lifestyle and devotion to people
  • Solid leadership and interpersonal talents
  • The ability to work by yourself

This is a part-time sales role that might swiftly develop into a full-time role with Farrell’s. Your responsibilities include:

  • Enrolling prospective members by following the Farrell’s international sales process
  • Calling prospects and completing follow-up conversations to attain monthly membership goals
  • Talking with the Franchise Owner and Head Coach on membership sales
  • Teaching and familiarizing new students with program fundamentals
  • Marketing Farrell’s membership programs

Past Farrell’s experience is not necessary.

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