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Carly Stahn Wins Farrell's 2017 Female $10,000 National Challenge

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The Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping National Challenge is a one-year challenge for all members, across all Farrell’s locations. During this yearlong challenge, members must take required measurements and fitness tests quarterly throughout the year, submit an essay, and take before and after photos. It’s no easy feat!

We’re excited to announce that member Carly Stahn from our Farrell’s Waukee, Iowa, location received the surprise of her life from founder Lance Farrell as he presented her with a $10,000 check for winning our female 2017 National Challenge contest.

For over a year, Carly committed herself to the Farrell’s program. She began her 10-week session in June 2016. Upon finishing her 10-week session, she committed to following the Farrell’s program for a full year, entering our National Challenge contest in September 2016. 

Carly Stahn Before and After

Over a year later, her hard work has literally paid off as Farrell’s awarded her $10,000.

Carly said she’s happy she is alive and well and will be there for her girls, her husband and her friends. Most importantly, Farrell’s transformed her mental state.

“I was hurt and broken and didn’t know what else to do,” she said. “Thank God for Farrell’s and I feel better than ever! I am so excited for the rest of my life because now it’s a brand new beginning.”

Owners Josh and Kathleen Riessen said they are incredibly proud of Carly and her accomplishment, and the fact that she never gave up during her long, hard journey.

“She lost half of her physical body but gained so much more in mental strength and happiness in her life,” Josh and Kathleen said. “Our team is incredibly grateful that she gave us the opportunity to be a part of her transformation and for sharing her story to inspire others.”

Congratulations to Carly and all of our 2017 National Challenge participants! Make sure to follow Farrell’s on Facebook as we highlight more of our 2017 National Challenge participants who committed to living Life at Level 10!

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